Immagina una casa per i nostri bambini...

"Casa paradiso"

The infrastructure will be built in the Sahrawi refugee camps, in south-western Algeria. Its main aim is to host 6 children with cerebral palsy. The hose will have all the spaces and comforts of a home, such as kitchen, bedrooms and a room with games.

The works in the infrastructure will be completed this year, so that the children that return from the summer program in Italy will be hosted for one or two months, where they will be followed by two Saharawi physiotherapists and their parents, who will alternate in pairs in weekly shifts.



To guarantee the many Saharawi children with severe disabilities that are living in the camps the opportunity to receive a profitable and continuous physiotherapy program also in their territory of origin.

To continue the healthcare process undertaken in Italy in the context of the project "Accoglienza Estiva", ensuring an effective reintegration in the life of the refugee camps.

To create a reference for doctors and specialists who will take care of the children in the refugee camps.

To assure the continuity of the work done in Italy with the children who have had the opportunity to receive treatments and therapies during the summer program, and therefore avoiding stopping an already initiated path. At the same time, the parents of children will have the opportunity to understand how to handle their children’s disability.